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“Arise” to the Occasion

I think one of the biggest fallacies about the Arise platform is that it’s weighted semi-bad reputation comes from the experiences people have had with a call center, as opposed to the platform itself.

The Arise platform is just that - a platform. It is a tool that many remote call centers are able to use to interface with the security systems and interfaces of major companies. But all call centers are NOT made equally.

I’ve heard horror stories of call centers being little more than a sign up with no support and contact information that stops working. I’ve heard of people working for weeks without pay. But what you don’t hear about are that there are some legitimately great companies out there.

NPR Virtual Solutions combines the technology of the Arise platform with their own tools, programming and support systems to ensure that each corporation has well trained Customer Service agents and each agent has the support and customer service (ironically) they need to be successful at what they do.

There are also growth opportunities at NPR Virtual Solutions. In addition to registry hourly call center jobs, there is growth and real careers to be had at NPRVS.

So the next time you hear about Arise, think of it as

the Windows Operating system in your may be needed to run the system, but we all know it can only do as much as the person on it is capable of. 🤓

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