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The Amazing Day

By Andrea LeMusique - Circa July 9, 2015

Now I know that some of you aren't Christians, some of you aren't Muslims, some may not even believe in God. I do. That's me. And I love Him! :)

And for the sake of this article, we will talk about God and the Enemy. But for those that don't believe that way, think of it as Positive and Negative energy so maybe you can relate a little better.

So I had this AMAZING day. With the sound of thunder and storms rumbling in the background of my life attempting to announce that failure and disappointment and chaos will come soon, I still had an AMAZING day. Things seemed to line up so well that God took the time to have seemingly RANDOM people (who turn out to be anything but "random" to God) make calls ahead of me to make things go smoothly at every turn. One minute we say "We need", the next minute God seemed to say through the actions of the day "You already have".

It was an AMAZING day. The loud claps of my praise, the joy from my team, and the beating of a heart filled with gratefulness thumped louder than any rumble of distant calamity. After all, its not raining in my life...yet. Enjoy the sunshine. God seemed to be saying that the storm wont even hit my life, so be not afraid.

Then the phone rings.

I should have known. I should have been on guard. When will I learn that the enemy cant stand it when you give God praise and dare to move in faith, hope and EXPECTATION!

But you see, in the midst of our happiness and praise we forget that true joy comes from within, not from when that rain begins to fall in your life, the sunshine is still there behind the clouds. And sometimes....sometimes we can just get out of the rain!

The call was nothing but negativity.

Disguised as concern, they begin to tell me how I should downgrade my life, everything I've worked for, everything I've fought to have. Start over. Give up everything. Take my kids out of their schools. Out of their neighborhood. Away from their friends. Stop trying to have something that I didn't deserve and that I couldn't afford.

All of a sudden I went from an AMAZING day to seeing that distant storm as imminent. (Was that a rain drop?)

I listened to this person tell me I never should have been where I am.

Like a dark cloud, the negative words overpowered my memories of praise. I forgot that God made it possible in the midst of all odds for us to have this house.

32 rental applications, 31 denials (because of a misfiled document - thank God I found out eventually), 5 days left to move...and then God stepped in. But I forgot THAT was an AMAZING day.

I forgot the praise in the empty house - a house we got sight-unseen. The kids squealed with delight as they ran through the house and thanked God with tears in their eyes for being out of Fulton County. Away from the drugs and sex in the schools, the murder that happened down the street and the complete disconnect from the mentality of the kids they went to school with. THAT was an AMAZING day!

Yes, yes - I forgot, in that moment in that dark cloud on that call, who I was to God.

I forgot that He sent an out-pouring of love and help when I had nowhere to turn last year and FB friends saved my home. Yes, that too was an AMAZING day.

In the midst of that call, the dark cloud electrocuted my soul as I was told that I was the reason my daughter doesn't see her father, I was irresponsible, I was told I was indecent in pictures and that I deserved to be left in the dark about plans made for my own child. The storm was upon me. I forgot that it was all just thunder, just loud, obnoxious thunder attempting to get me to call in the rain.

I forgot that I had an AMAZING day.

I tried to stick up for myself, I tried to remind myself that this person was unknowingly being used by the enemy, I tried to remember who I really was. I tried to even understand how I could be told such things. How do you lie to someone about themselves?? Flat out lies? How many times did you tell someone else this that you forgot it was me you were talking to and lied to me...about me?

What happened to that AMAZING day?

Fortunately phone calls can end. And like a magic trick, the loud thunder ceased, and that lighting that struck hurt...even lies hurt...they hurt the worst.

But it was an AMAZING day.

The phone rings again.

The person on the line, oblivious to the demonic attack on my soul, talked to me like I was me. I sighed unconsciously. Every word reminded me of who I am, what I am, where I am, and that I will not faint, fall or stumble with God.

There are a lot of people that would have you to fall because they are falling.

Some would have you to fail because they failed.

The enemy sends people to tell you to give up because they loath the fact that you fight...and WIN.

Fight the good fight.

Remember, the biggest fight is to stand in the midst of challenges and challenging people and declare continuously....

It IS an AMAZING day! :)

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