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“The Tower” by Andrea LeMusique

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Circa June 28, 2015

(Before she met her best friend/fiancé)

Sean "Puffy" Combs posted this pic on Instagram and said "I got you baby. You'll never have to want for nothing."

It's funny because, ironically, I was recently told by a man, a dear friend, that it wasn't in the cards for me to be on that side, to be the woman that was "taken care of".

What's even more surprising is as I heard these words spoken over me, I silently, and secretly, on the inside, felt like a little girl being told she'd never be a princess.

She'd never meet that knight in shining armor, she'd never be "rescued".

She'd have to save herself from the tower.

She'd have to fight the dragon with her own sword.

She'd have to just be smart enough not to bite the poison apple and quit talking to strangers. LOL

So as my friend talked and encouraged me to be strong, inside I felt weak... for a second. I admit it.

I felt like I was being told it was never in my destiny to be treated soft, kind, loved and protected, like the beautiful weaker vessel that God made me.

"Weaker vessel". Funny thing about that term, she's anything but weak. She just understands her role and his role, her strengths and his strengths.

She might not fight the dragon, but she probably strategized with him on the approach and plan of attack before he left.

She probably researched the dragon's anatomy and weaknesses, and exactly where the lair most likely was.

A Virtuous Woman is strong. She's a business woman, she's good with money and staff and she's recognized and respected in her community. She gets up early and she takes care of her household. To be honest...there is nothing in there that indicates she's ever been "rescued". Ever.

And if there was any "saving" or "rescuing" to be done - she looked to God.

And the cool part is...he, whoever that man was in her life, looked to Him for guidance too.

I'll be honest. I can barely imagine the concept of "wanting for nothing" and someone having my back that way...the way I'd have theirs. But you know what, it's ok.

I know there are still men out there that understand friendship is the foundation and God is the head. And perhaps one day, I'll meet one that is just for me.

So yeah, its not meant for me to get saved from a tower.

That's ok....I plan own owning the castle anyway....and mine will have an elevator. 😉

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NPR Virtual Solutions
NPR Virtual Solutions
Jul 03, 2020

Speak on it! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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