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Don't Be Nervous! :)

We are here to ensure that we find the best candidates for our firm and in doing so, we understand that due to some disabilities or social anxiety, having a camera on is very difficult. Therefore it is NOT required for you to have your camera on. Besides, when you are working most jobs do not require video - only your professional voice. So relax and focus on having a great interview.

Here are the keys to having a great interview:
Take it seriously.
That means don't schedule an interview unless you are prepared to take the job, if offered.

Be on time or 5 minutes early to the Zoom.

3. Whether on your computer or phone,
be in a quiet area.

4. If you cant make it, respect our time by texting us ASAP at 856-677-8478 to cancel and reschedule. 

Be your authentic self. 

Ready? Great! Schedule your interview below. 


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