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We are delighted to welcome you as a part of the team!

Out of hundreds of candidates, you were selected because of your professionalism, dynamic personality and because your Interviewer saw you as someone that will be an asset to the firm.


The next steps are the preliminary steps in the On-Boarding Process. There are quite a few steps and they aren't difficult but each is important so be sure to read thoroughly to make the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible. 


You will notice that most of your support will be through text messages during the beginning part of the process, and then via Telegram once you have received your Company Gmail and Company software credentials. This is because when you are working, most of your resources will be via Chat Support and we want to acclimate to this standard communication. 


If at any time you have any questions, you may text 856-677-8478 (our business line) for assistance.

NPRVS Text Support is generally available between 10:00am EST -6pm EST M-F . If not in this window, you can always expect an answer the next business day but many times someone will answer earlier. Please be advised that once you complete Step 1 below, you will have a much more direct line of support to include your Interviewer, Management and our Dynamic NPRVS Support Team.

Moving Forward is as easy as 1-2-3!

Please note: These steps must be received within 
72 hours for the Job Offer to remain valid. If you have any reason why this cannot be done in the allotted time, you must request an extension before the 72 hours has elapsed or you will have to reapply in 30 days. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



We've heard some recent social media talk about how people use the communication app/software called "Telegram". We've heard that the app is being used inappropriately by some people (usually overseas) to do harm. 


To be clear, this app is used at NPRVS strictly and only for internal communication with our colleagues and the different departments within our firm. Period.

We cannot control what other people do, but we encourage you to strictly use it for work. When the app asks you to access your phone contacts and such, we suggest declining so it will not notify you when people outside the company are joining or using the app. Like any app (ie Facebook, IG, etc.) you should always be responsible and cautious when receiving information or links from unrecognizable contacts.

1a.  We want to make sure you have immediate access to our internal Support Team and the other Team members. This is critical to your success. 

Download the Telegram app to your phone, (click here)and your computer (click here if you have a PC) 


1b.   Join the following 3 groups on Telegram.

NPRVS Welcome Aboard Group! (click here)
NPRVS Announcements (click here)
NPRVS Life Support (Team chat) (click here)

Once this is completed, you will be connected internally.
Please use Telegram for all future Support.

We suggest that you turn notifications on during work hours and the Onboarding process specifically.


Complete your Initial Background Check by clicking here.


Contact us @NPRVS on Telegram so we can check to see if Step 2 is completed, and we will send you the NPRVS Base Statement of Work to sign via DocuSign. Be sure to send us your first and last name.

Once your agreement has been signed, and all steps are completed,

NPRVS Telegram Support will send you the first steps of Orientation and additional instructions. 

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