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  • How do I change my password to the NPRVS Gmail that I am assigned?
    You can sign in to your account and change it then send an email to With the Subject: NPRVS GMAIL PASSWORD CHANGE Put the new password in the body of the email. 📍Remember this email must come from the NPRVS gmail and it must have the subject line above. Can’t remember your password? No problem! Ask NPRVS Telegram Support! We’ve got you! 🥰
  • How do I create and submit a Starmatic Screenshot Report?
    Please remember that you are required to submit a screenshot of your Starmatic schedules specifically EVERY Saturday between 9pm-11:59PM EST of the CURRENT weeks schedule and the FOLLOWING week that begins the next day on Sunday. If we get the report outside the submission window of time or it’s sent to the wrong place, or the report does not include the correct information, you will forfeit your ability to do any disputes of revenue as we will not have the information needed to properly make a case should you ask for a Revenue Investigation. Email Submission Format SUBJECT LINE: STARTMATIC SCREENSHOT REPORT - Your Name, Your CSP ID# Failure to put in the right subject can make it route improperly. All reports are to be sent only to: and If you have any questions regarding this policy please send a private message to NPRVS Telegram Support.
    COMMITTMENT ADHERENCE PERKS & PENALITIES Remember we don’t look at the CA record regarding bonuses or penalties until around the date the interval reports come out. So you have time to work on things. Remember CA is based on a rolling 30 days so every day one day drops off and one day is added. ⭐️95% is top tier pay and eligible for bonuses. 👍🏼Below 95% is Basic Tier and not eligible for bonuses and incentives. 👎🏼Below 90% you lose .50 per interval and are at risk of losing your Client Contract. Make sure if you see contact Support here of Telegram immediately with your reasons why you are not meeting requirements. 🚨 If it’s about attendance, make sure you also include your QAPF on your email! If you don’t know who your QAPF is, please see Partner Support or check your email for the last QAPF email and reach out to them to confirm if they still are the right person. 🙁Below 88% you lose $1.00 per interval 🙁Below 85% or you make $7.25 per hour and subject to possible termination of Client SOW. 🙁 Breached Client SOW contracts (being dropped from Certification by Client, dropping a certification class without notifying us first at any time,, dropping a certification class and already on the phone), you may be penalized up to $100 and paid the balance at $7.25 per hour (GA minimum wage) 🙁 Breached NPRVS Base SOW is subject to the fully penalties within the statement of work. 🙁 Not meeting basic Client SOW interval commitments (30 intervals/15 hours/per week or 32.5 hours per revenue cycle for Basic contracts or 50 interval/25 hours/week or 108.33 intervals/51.17 hours per revenue cycle for MAX programs) will result in loss of $1.00 per hour automatically without an approved explanation and documentation provided to Support DURING the week of occurrence. No more than 2 consecutive weeks can be excused without penalty even with approved notification and documentation. 📌NOTE: Base and/or Client SOW termination or NPRVS will result in $5.00 per hour automatically with no exceptions as of 01/01/2022 Commission positions forfeit ALL future commissions and "base/commission guarantee"pay. 🙏🏼 Please remember that it is your responsibility to work when you say. Log out when your not scheduled (exceptions (though not guaranteed) between two scheduled intervals, logging in 15 minutes early and of course, when calls go over or another call comes in before you log out) While we cannot always ensure these unauthorized times are paid, so far from what we’ve seen they are unless there are amounts of pirated time logged - meaning you log in when completely not scheduled, etc. 🤓🤓For more education and understanding about CA, it is recommended you take the free CA Series here: ❤️❤️ We hope this update helps as a reminder of the protocols. More to come. 📰
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