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Why We are Wonderfully Different 

Step 1

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STEP 1: Watch the video below. This video is almost 40 minutes long.'s long...and everything shown and discussed is important so you need to watch the entire thing

Spoiler alert: This is a real job, no "sign up" costs, no purchases, no gimmicks.

You do have to do a background check though...after all you're working from home with sensitive information. 
(There that should make you feel a little better, right? lol)

Here's the bottom line...if you can finish the hiring process successfully, you can have the job. Why?
Because the hiring process is designed to only be completed by qualified candidates that are truly ready to work.
We want everyone to succeed. But not everyone will complete the process and unfortunately, not everyone will pass the assessments.


Many will fail right here...because they wont watch the video. *hint* 

So take your time, read everything, follow instructions and we look forward to meeting you.
Note: There are a limited amount of positions, so it is advised to finish as quickly as possible.
We will remove access to the hiring process when we have filled all positions. 


Please note that the dates are obviously no longer relevant as the video was made a while ago. But the information presented is. Also note that we have more than one position and company available to work for, but Turbo Tax is the example used in the video.

We will discuss what companies we work with later.

When you can finish the video, click the "Continue" button.

Let's Make A Change in some one else's life

We also will pay YOU for referrals to our company.

Our goal is to set 200 people in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada free from having to commute to work in order to make a decent hourly wage.


Become a Recruiter

Call us or text us at:

Tel: 856-677-8478
for more information

Share our links and support us online

Donate Time, Computers or Sponsor an Applicant

There are so many people that need this job but cannot start because of lack of resources
(no computer, can't afford certification class, or don't have basic computer skills, etc.) .
Help us help others through volunteering your time or a donation. 

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