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Phase 4 Instructions and Guidance


We are so proud of you!

It wasn't necessarily easy, but you are fully enrolled in class and now it's time to make sure you are prepared.


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1. If you had to do a secondary background check, don't worry if it appears to not have been "checked off" or continues to say "in process'' or show your progress as 75% on the Arise portal ( Sometimes they even wait till after class starts to update this. As long as you have completed it on the Arise software portal - you're good. 😉 

STEP 2 -  Complete the AOI 

2. Now it's time to complete the rest of your paperwork:

Newly Updated Affidavit of Identity Instructions. 
You can also get a copy of the form at:

● No blurry picture
● wet signature not an electronic signature
● nothing on or covering face

Send to Affidavit email address:

Be sure to cc: on the email that the instruction tells you to send inot Arise. Be sure to follow those instructions meticulously or they will reject the email.

STEP 3 - Complete the required tax forms

a. Complete Form I-9 (

b. Submit your SSN card and if not, choose an appropriate alternative from the I-9 list.  (

c. Complete Form W-9 (

d. Submit all documents to: (exception you will send the AOI also in a separate email to Arise and we are cc'd on that one) Subject: HR DOCS

Let us know here when you’ve emailed ALL of them so we can confirm receipt. 

STEP 4 - The Client SOW and NPRVS Addendum

 You will receive notification from your teacher that "the S.O.W has gone out and that if you aren't an IBO (meaning if you do not own a call center), to inform the IBO (NPRVS) that it needs to be signed."  

Chances are by the time the teacher makes that announcement, NPRVS will already have signed the Corporate SOW. 

Once we have signed the Corporate Statement of Work, we will email you an addendum to your NPRVS Base Contract giving you the details about this specific Client that you are certifying for. 

After the SOW has been processed your Starmatic will allow you to pick up hours. Time to get paid! 
Woo Hoo! 
You can check the status by asking NPRVS Telegram Support.

STEP 5 - Commitment Adherence Penalties & Perks

You must mandatorily review the Commitment Adherence Perks & Penalties Policy here: 
This is extremely important to know as your CA can affect your revenue.

STEP 6 - Complete the Commitment Adherence Course

You must mandatorily review the Commitment Adherence Perks & Penalties Policy here: 
This is extremely important to know as your CA can affect your revenue.

This is a free CA Series by logging into the portal and clicking of References, then Knowledge Zone and then clicking this link (you must do those other steps first or the link will not work)

STEP 7 - Let's Talk Revenue (Money)!

A.  Decide if you want to do Cashapp or Direct Deposit. (Cashapp is faster. Square, our payroll company, owns Cashapp and it pays faster, see the Payroll calendar below). 

B. Let NPRVS Telegram Support know privately (here) what you have decided - Direct Deposit or Cashapp as your form of payment. 

If you are going to do Cashapp, you must tell NPRVS Telegram Support privately and give them your Cashapp $handle. We also ask that you reply to this email with the Cashapp $handle in the Subject of the email. If it is Direct Deposit, you do not have to put your bank information here as it will be asked when you set up Square Payroll. 

C. Once they have received all of your documents, You will also look for an email from Square Payroll. It will arrive within 10 days of your SOW being signed or 72 hours of your notification provided all your documents are on file and have been approved. (I9, W9, etc)

D. The invitation will ask you to complete the information that will track your pay, set up Direct Deposit (if that's what you chose) and give you online access to get your 1099 at the end of the year.  Fill that out as soon as you get it.

Continue to follow instructions well, as you have to get to this point and ...

Congratulations on completing the last Onboarding you'll ever have to do! 

We are so happy to have you as part of the Team! 🤗
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NPR Virtual Solutions

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Great job!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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