10 Steps to the Best Job Ever!

Remember, in order to be eligible for NPRVS to pay for the Tuition cost upfront for eligible classes, you must complete this within 48-72 hours. 

If you cant complete it in that time frame, no worries - ALL classes are reimbursed after you have successfully completed Certification and have worked for 90 days in Production.

If you know in advance that you need an extension and the Tuition Upfront Waiver, you must reach out to your Team Leader BEFORE the 48 hour mark.




The first step is to sign your Base Contract.

The Addendum of the specific campaign that you will work for will be sent to you during your Certification class

72 hours after the Corporate SOW is signed. 



Schedule "GeTting started" meeting

Schedule a "Getting Started Session" to ensure that you are ready for action. This is a LIVE class and an opportunity to ask questions with a Certified Specialist of NPRVS.
Go on to Step 2 after you have registered. 


INITIAL EvaluatioN,BackgRound check and Independent contractors agreement

Before you begin... please make sure that you have watched the introductory video, completed your application and attended a Getting Started Meeting.

This initial evaluation and background check will help us determine if you are a good fit for the company and our clients.


Orientation Video

This video is 1 hour and 40 minutes long and every word is important to your success and understanding of the company and your work environment. Please pay attention. If you have any additional questions, please text us at 856-677-8478 and/or contact your Team Leader



Set up your Arise Software account.

If you already have a username or account, please text us immediately at 856-677-8478

and do NOT create another one. 
This step is also called: On-boarding Step 1


account Finalization and
2nd background check 

Complete the instructions given.
Note: If you have met all the requirements, there is no cost for this secondary background check
This step is also called: On-boarding Step 2



gmail account creation

Text us at 856-677-8478 from your phone so our Support team can create your email in 5 minutes or you can follow the instructions and set it up yourself. 
This step is also called: On-boarding Step 3a


get connected

Make sure you are connected to all appropriate groups, lists and the app.
This step is also called: On-boarding Step 3b


Assessments and enrollment

Now you are ready to pick your the Corporate Client you wish to work for, complete the assessments and enroll in Certification Class
This step is also called: On-boarding Step 4


Let Us know you are complete enrolled

Complete your first Weekly Status Report and let us know that you have completely enrolled. All future Weekly Status Reports will be turned in on Monday, starting with the next Monday (even if you've just completed one regarding enrollment)



While you are waiting for your Welcome email from your Certification Instructor and your Pre-work to appear in your Software portal, you must complete your required (Base Contract, Affidavit of Identity, W2, I-9 and required IDs, etc.)


Once you have completed  ALL the required documents, you must immediately text 856-677-8478 to let us know that you are ready to submit your doucments. You may do so on the website "Contact Us" application at the bottom of each page, on the same page as the documents (button below) or by emailing info@nprvirtualsolutiosn.com

Once they are uplaoded, text 856-677-8478 again to let them know that you are ready for your Payroll invitiation to set up your direct deposit or CashApp method of payment (provided by Square Payroll) once the documents have been confirmed. You can choose direct deposit or CashApp

There are also very handy documents and videos in the folder you are about to click on that will truly help you be successful to include the Payroll Calendar, Arise Portal User Guides and more!

Please take the time to read them. 

Remember, you are an Independent Contractor on an outstanding and successful team that is here to support you...but the true measure of your success is always going to be up to you. 

You've got this!

NPR Virtual Solutions

Need more information? 
Please reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Email: info@nprvirtualsolutions.com

Phone or Text:
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