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By Andrea "LeMusique"

“There is nothing easy about being a single parent. It's hard, thankless and wears on every aspect of your life and body.

Being a single parent means you have lost someone special in your life - due to a failed marriage, relationship or even death. So it's very conception is in pain.

But you definitely learn to be strong.

You learn to be wise.

You learn to wear many hats.

You learn to have energy when you've had no sleep.

You learn to get full on your satisfaction that the children are fed well when you're own stomach is growling.

You learn to laugh and smile when your crying inside.

You learn to find beauty at the bottom as much as you appreciate the beauty at the top.

You learn to love yourself.

You learn to give, even when you dont have.

You learn to heal.

You learn to be motivated.

You learn to laugh.

You learn to live.

And through it all, you have the most wonderful cheerleaders, audience and motivators in the world watching....the beautiful, awesome blessings that God gave you the privilege to have...your children.”

-Andrea LeMusique April 1, 2016

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